So, what does that mean for you if you need medical treatment in South Africa?

There is no mistaking that South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries globally, and it is a great relief that its borders have finally reopened to international travellers, since the National COVID-19 lockdown commenced in March this year.

What is the update regarding coronavirus international travel restrictions?

While the South African government had initially announced that borders would remain shut until 2021; In early November 2020,  President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that SA’s International borders have reopened.

What about travel between African countries?

To expedite free movements of people, goods, and services from South Africa to the rest of Africa; travelers from neighbouring countries as well as countries further afield, are now allowed to visit South Africa. All travelers must, however, possess relevant travel documents, and will also be screened for COVID-19 symptoms on arrival.

Will travelers to South Africa be required to take a COVID test?

International travelers will need to provide a negative COVID test result which must not be older than 72 hours, in order to enter South Africa.

Travellers will also be screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the airport on arrival in the country. Anyone displaying symptoms OR those who have been in contact with an infected person could be expected to take a mandatory test, which will be at their own cost.

If the test is positive, a traveller will be subjected to a 10-day quarantine at a designated site; again at their own cost.

Things to Consider Before Booking an International Flights

It is important to note here that although restrictions have eased considerably , there are still certain things you must consider before booking your trip:

  • Border restrictions are constantly changing
  • Airlines are frequently adjusting schedules
  • If you do test positive for COVID upon landing at your destination, there is the risk of having to quarantine at your own expense
  • If you have been exposed to someone with COVID yet do not test positive yourself, there is still the risk of having to quarantine at your own expense
  • Your Medical Aid may not be valid abroad, and travel insurance may not cover coronavirus-related expenses

Med-Afrique’s dedicated consultants will ensure that the above points are covered when you book your medical treatment, flights, and accommodation with us.

Why South Africa?

Apart from the country’s many attractions, South Africa’s medical treatments are highly affordable; which proudly boasts world-renowned doctors and facilities.

With globally accredited healthcare and facilities, South Africa caters to many medical tourists from the continent, the USA, Asia, and Europe that travel to South Africa every year due to the topnotch medical, affordable pricing, and tourism experiences.

Being a popular tourist destination, South Africa prides itself on its incredible natural beauty, adventurous activities, luxury dining, and great shopping.

About Med-Afrique?

Med-Afrique Medical Tours bridges the gap between your medical and travel needs.

We offer an extensive network of world-class, accredited hospitals, and healthcare practitioners within South Africa.

Your happiness and satisfaction are our priority; hence we give our clients our best to ensure the safest and most comfortable experience.


South Africa’s borders are reopening, which is excellent news; however, as a traveller, you will be required to take a COVID test that needs to be taken no more than 72 hours before departure to South Africa.

South Africa is a beautiful country with a plethora of socially distanced activities for tourists, so it’s a perfect destination to undergo your medical treatment while enjoying South Africa’s incredible hospitality.

Med-Afrique’s team are most proud to be partnered up with the top healthcare providers in South Africa, all in an effort to give you the best service possible..

After all, your greatest wealth is your health. Get in touch with us to find out more.